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SERVIDOR PÚBLICO - Associação Internacional LGBT

Pessoal - (às/aos LGBT publicamente assumidas/os que ocupem cargos públicos nos 3 poderes e nas 3 esferas do governo)

Recebemos uma solicitação da organização norte-americana (Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute http://www.glli. org/leadership) cujo objetivo é criar uma rede internacional de pessoas LGBT em cargos públicos.

A organização gostaria de receber os dados de contato (nome, cargo, órgão, e-mail) para ir ampliando a rede. O Instituto oferece capacitações, informativos, intercâmbio e vários outros benefícios (mencionados abaixo em inglês).

A ABGLT acha interessante e apoia essa iniciativa.

Quem tiver interesse, favor entrar diretamente em contato com:

Samantha Mandel

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute Intern

Tel: (202) 842-8679 x8002

Email: samantha.mandel@ victoryfund. org

Um abraço

Toni Reis

---- Original Message -----
From: Samantha Mandel

To: Presidência da ABGLT

Cc: George Walker

Sent: Wednesday, July 01, 2009 2:14 PM

Subject: RE: Informação sobre Oficiais LGBTs Brasileiros

Dear Senhor Reis,

Thank you so much for your response to my email. As I previously stated, the Gay and Lesbian Leadership Institute (GLLI) would like to create a partnership with ABGLT that would be mutually beneficial to both our organizations. GLLI’s primary goals are to create a network of openly LGBT officials both locally and abroad, and to train potential and current LGBT leaders to be successful in the positions they hold. You can read more about who we are and what we do at http://www.glli. org/leadership. We believe that your organization can be very helpful to us with our international goals, and we also believe that we have many valuable services that we could offer to you. Some of the most important services we could offer include:

1) Once we obtain contact information for your out officials, we would contact them directly to inform them about Victory’s work and goals, and let them know how we can be helpful to them. Ways we can be helpful would include:

a) Serving as a link between them and out officials in other countries. Upon request, we can facilitate an exchange between officials dealing with issues of mutual trade of information and advice.

b) We currently have a private web discussion forum open only to out officials within the United States. If interest were displayed by officials in your home country we would work to extend that forum abroad.

c) We would invite your officials to the annual International Gay and Lesbian Leadership Conference. This year, the conference will be taking place in December in San Francisco, California. The conference will boast the largest gathering of openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender leaders in government, politics and community organizations in the world. You can visit out conference website at www.glli.org/ conference.

2) We host training sessions to help out U.S. candidates and officials fulfill their positions more successfully and cope with the unique challenges of being an openly LGBT official. We would be glad to have a representative of your organization attend one of our training sessions in order to see the methodology and structure that we use, with the purpose of replicating these sessions in your home country.

3) We would be happy to share with you something called the Coming-Out Toolkit, which is an assembly of information and advice we have created to aid officials with the coming out process that could be tailored to your country’s political environment.

On our end, there are a few things which would be useful from your organization:

1) Updates notifying us when new officials come into office, as well as notifying us when out officials leave office. For new officials coming into office, examples of helpful information include a short profile, contact information, description of position held and date of term expiration.

2) Monthly updates on any newsworthy items in your home country relating to gay politics.

We hope that this partnership can help both of our organizations further our goals, and we look forward to working with you. We are of course open to any suggestions you might have about other ways GLLI might be helpful to your organization or other ways that you might be helpful to us.


Samantha Mandel

GLLI Intern

Tel: (202) 842-8679 x8002

Email: samantha.mandel@ victoryfund. org

CC: George B. Walker

Vice President of Leadership Initiatives

Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and Leadership Institute

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